The country has been in serious uproar, 85% of Nigerians believe it is a revolution while the 15% believe it is just youth constituting nuisance. Some have even gone ahead to call youths miscreants seeking attention. Personally, I feel the 15 % of Nigerians that are not with the triggered youth are either selfish or not adequately informed.

What Triggered Nigerians Youth?

A lot of people wonder why Nigerians are always angry and quick to aggression. It is because of all the bottled up emotions. The country has been nothing short of hell , as if it hasn’t been hot enough, a sub-group under the Nigerian Police called SARS decided to take it up in themselves to make life unbearable for the youths profiling them as criminals and taking their lives without provocation.

What is SARS?

Special Anti- robbery squad aka SARS was a Nigerian Police Force unit created in late 1992 to handle crimes associated with robbery, motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, cattle rustling and fire arms.

Between the period of 1992 – 2020 ( when they were ‘disbanded’), somewhere along the line, the squad who were supposed to fight crime became perpetrators of these different crimes.

SARS has been linked severally to extra judicial killings, illegal organ trade, armed robbery, home invasions, rape of men and women, child arrest, invasion of privacy, hoarding the dead bodies of their victims and even ‘burying’ victims without the consent of their families.

What an Irony!

Point to note: 97% of these victims are youths!

There is barely a Nigerian teenager / youth (especially male) you’d come across that haven’t been a victim of SARS. Youths are harassed for dressing in good clothing, owning iPhones and cars, keeping dreads or coloring their hair. They are often asked questions like “who gave you money to buy to this?”, followed by statements like “You must be a criminal”, “You’re a yahoo boy”, “Your boyfriend is doing yahoo“, “You are an Ashawo“.

Officers in the SARS also snoop through phones, reading private messages and viewing private photos of victims. They are also known to physically and sexually assault victims. They force victims to ATMS and extort money from them. There are many times when victims have reportedly been detained in police cells and worse accused and prosecuted for crimes they never committed.

Are you starting to get the picture?

It has been going crazy on Twitter which is the major source of information on the #Endsars protest, it is also where spry youths that are not on the streets fight for a better Nigeria.

The older generation are in pure alarm to see what the ‘phone pressing’ generation and how much resilience they have portrayed despite all the obstacles the government have deliberately put on their way.

Yes, you read right. The government is doing everything in their power to stop the protest. No, it is not by addressing the issues that have been raised but by violent means. Peaceful protesters are been teargassed, policemen shoot at innocent folks, thugs sent to protest grounds kill and vandalize properties of peaceful protesting civilians, they have even gone as far as vandalizing government properties, now we see police stations been burnt and blame aimed at the protesters.

On 19/10/2020, prisoners were illegally released from prisons in Edo state with the intention of blaming protesters and abruptly halting the peaceful protest.

Some Posts from Twitter :

Three of her brothers were harassed and killed by SARS and thrown into a we
When this lady was finally released, she had been terribly physically assaulted.
A shame!
So heartbreaking.

In the midst of all these, protesters have remained steadfast and committed to protesting for a better Nigeria.

Along the line some of the older ones found their voices. Love to see it!
Not even heavy downpours could stop them.
Relentless Youths!
Online protesters are not left behind, they have also been relentless, making sure there there is proper media coverage even when local media fails.

While others are fighting for their lives and a better Nigeria, some are still blinded be selfish interests.

There are more like this out on the street.

For some, they think it is just a fight against SARS and they have openly come out to ask triggered Nigerian Youths, “what do you want again? SARS has been disbanded”. The fight is not just about SARS, SARS is merely a simple visualization of what really goes down in Nigeria. The calls for the end of SARS and Police brutality is not the only course the youths are fighting for and changing the name from SARS to SWAT ( Special Weapon And Tactics Team) isn’t the solution to problems that have been pointed out.

Even though the government ‘disbanded’ the squad and have still been seen in operation and they are still the same officers deployed into the SWAT Team.

Why you should be triggered as a Nigerian.

• The government has failed us! They didn’t start failing us today but it has become to glaring that even as the world has their eyes on Nigeria, the government has taken no step against offenders of the law disguised as upholders of the law. Police officers who have been identified as killers and oppressors haven’t been brought to law.

This is Officer James Nwafor of the akwuzu SARS that has been confirmed as a blood thirsty officer. He is still free! He has killed so many youths and tossed them into a River!
This is a River contaminated with bodies of James Nwafor’s victims. A father has once been asked to swim this river and identify his dead son.

James Nwafor is just one out of many Police Officers who are killers but haven’t been brought to law.

• The health care system is a mess! Don’t you ever wonder why politicians fly out of the country at the slightest head ache? The health care is in shambles.

These are sick babies and a perfect description of how messy the health care system is.

• Educational System has been washed now the drain!


Every year,Billions are allocated to the system and yet this is the standard they can provide for children attending government primary schools.

ASUU has been on strike for 8 months now.

For University students, it isn’t any better. Over lives have been put on hold and terribly delayed. ASUU is well known for striking because lecturers are either under paid or never paid! The school facilities are nothing to write home about. ASUU had begun strike just before the Corona virus outbreak and no attention was paid to them until the government started devising means to end the protest.

While other students enjoyed online classes all over the world, students in Nigerian government universities were left hanging because ASUU was on strike and asides that schools do not have the facilities for that.

• Looting even as citizens die of poverty. The poverty is so deep, one of the thugs sent to disrupt Abuja protests said they were paid 1500 naira ($3.94). This little to take lives and vandalize properties. Meanwhile, we have have snakes swallowing money and buildings ‘going ablaze with billions in it.

• They senators are being paid more than half of the nation’s wealth for doing absolutely nothing!

Cc: Channel’s TV.

Hardship allowance,constituency allowance, furniture allowance, newspaper allowance, recess allowance, accommodation, main vehicle/ motor vehicle allowance. It is just so ridiculous. And to think that a country known for poverty worldwide can afford this every month.

• 20/10/20

We will never forget!

The day military men marched to the protesting ground and shot protesters dead while the held the Nigerian flag and sang the national anthem. The government has failed!

There has been reports that this act was a directive from the government.

It is sad beyond what the mind can comprehend that the government would commit a genocide just to silence citizens exercising civil rights. Nigeria no longer practices Democracy!


The only crime was to fight for right to life, freedom from oppression and a better Nigeria, that was all!

It is time to speak up.

Every day lives are lost, the government is trying to silence citizens in a democratic state asking for their right.

Why are we fighting?

Couldn’t have been said any better.

This isn’t the time to stay neutral, this is the time to raise your voice and utilize social media. It make not be you today but it could be you tomorrow.

Some will say ehn I’m not on the protest ground..

If is could be you!

Thank you for reading ❤️ Please stay safe🙏 if you’re not on Twitter, this is the right time to join and stay informed. In all of this do not forget to pray and guard your mental health, know when you have had enough and shut down! Be vigilant, soro soke! Speak up!

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Love and Light,


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    Well said dear… We believe this is the beginning of a new Nigeria for us. The same leaders who we elected to represent and protect us are the ones killing us. It’s high time they stepped down.
    RIP to all our brothers who we lost during this protest. We shall win this fight!

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