Why are men applauded for having basic survival skills?

Why are men applauded for having basic survival skills?

Men are applauded for what?

Awwwwww! He cooks?!😍like what’s awwwww now? I have never heard anyone say “ awwwww! She can on the generator!”. Why don’t you say awwww! He can bathe himself? Just like a man should know how to shower and clean himself up and everybody sees it as normal, his possession of other survival skills should be seen as normal.

Basic survival skills

There are basic survival skills every individual should have, this includes; knowing when to rise up in the morning (yes, I am including this because some people do not know how to rise up in the morning without mommy’s help or an alarm clock), cleaning (both yourself and your environment), cooking, using basic facilities (you don’t need to call your neighbour for the littlest thing- this is for the most for the females, Kunle, please come and help me on gen, my tap is shaking, help me fix the gas cylinder e.t.c), driving! (yes, driving is a survival skill, whether you own a car or not, you don’t know when it will come in handy) even communication skills is a survival skill.

hard labour

Let’s go back to my main purpose of writing. It annoys me, I always totally appalled whenever I find people especially women gushing about men that can cook and clean. Like wait, how can you possibly survive without food and a clean environment? that’s basic health. You can’t have good health if you eat crap and live in crap! It is totally fine to eat out and have a cook if you can afford it, honestly, it is ok to have all your clothes laundered by a laundry mart and have a housekeeper come around to clean up and all, I mean who wouldn’t love that? But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do it your self whenever the need arises.

Nobody (parents, relatives, friends), no individual should ever think in their heart or open their mouth to say, “ahan! These chores are not for boys now, why is boy boy doing the dishes when his sister is here? Boys are not supposed to come into the kitchen, so you can’t wash your brother’s clothes, how will you now be a good wife?” Please normalize all these for the boys!

I am a strong believer that both genders should be independent, know how to do what you ought to know how to do! Yes, in the end, we would be partners, we will help ourselves but you know how to do what you ought to know how to do makes it easier and makes us happier.

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Moreover,all of us must go through the single phase of life ,away from your parents, yet no spouse. It is guys that have deprived themselves of simple survival skills that will turn their girlfriends to slaves, the worst is that these guys feel so entitled because of how much the society has brainwashed them into thinking they shouldn’t concern themselves with activities like that. Lol, it doesn’t make you more of a man, it only makes you less, it only makes you seem lazy and incompetent.
Thank God for machines that have made things easier, especially cleaning, which means less effort, more work done, terrific!

Dear boys, screw what the society says about you and your gender roles ,deep down, very deep inside you ,you know what is right ,do it. We are trying to make the best out of the next generation, it starts from you , every individual, unlearn what you ought to ,learn what you need to. It is a cleansing process, it might take sometime but it will be soon nice .
Dear mothers and sisters, normalize boys helping at home , normalize them helping with even the littlest chores. It helps ,it treats selfishness and irresponsibility. I look forward to more responsible boys who grow to be amazing fathers and husbands 😌
Dear Fathers and uncles, it is not a taboo, it is perfectly fine . It won’t make him less of a man don’t worry . It will only help him turn out right 😁☺️

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  1. Chiamaka

    Omggg Soo nice🤩🤩❤️

      1. Chisom

        Cool outlook, nice one too

    1. Stella

      I love this

  2. Sylvia

    This is good stuff babe

      1. Rejoice

        As in eh😂😂 ace content biko

  3. Ishola

    Dishing out facts!!! Nice work👏🏼

      1. Neche

        I wonder when the society (African especially) will finally here to this

          1. Gracious

            Nice write up babe.

  4. Uklucid

    Very very cool😍

    1. Ani Solomon

      I should probably open reorientation programme, where guys should learn to be independent with regard to home skills, ‘cos that would be very beneficial to their prospective or certified wifes.

      Nice exposition Mrs. Kalu

  5. Onyinye

    Nice piece❤️

  6. Captainfresh

    I see a whole lots of creativity in here❤❤❤✊🏿✊🏿

  7. Anita

    Factsss tho..weldone

  8. Rejoice

    As in eh😂😂 ace content biko

      1. Sasshygold

        Nice one baby girl 😍

  9. Esinbor Favour

    Chiamaka…. You’re good…. Keep it up bby💥💥

  10. Naza

    Finally someone who shares my point of view….it’s even more appalling when ladies subscribe to this way of thinking…thinking to keep a man you have to be his slave not saying you can’t help out but for goodness sake have some respect

    1. Amara

      They need to know all these and more. If only these basic survival skills are emphasised on by parents, relatives, and the society, then there wouldn’t be any need for gender inequality in our world today.

  11. Jhane_Jhone

    Finally someone nailed it🙌at least up coming parents could correct things…I enjoy reading your post sweetie!!

  12. Ifeoma


  13. Okpo Faith

    Chiamaka, I’m never, sincerely never ever tired to read your pieces. It jogs my literary instincts.
    It is absolutely flawless.❤

  14. Amara

    I especially pity girls who are turned into housemaids by their so called boyfriends… You cook, wash and clean for him when he has hands to do them himself, and in return he gives you money for upkeep, buys you clothes, bags and things of the sort. For crying out loud why won’t you be independent and prove them wrong. Refuse to do those chores, and even if you want to, it shouldn’t be all the time. Let women stop being called the weaker gender. Let our place stop being always in the kitchen. The kitchen is made for guys too😏

  15. Ruona

    This table, this very large table has been shattered.
    Thank you for addressing this. Sometimes, when I tell people that my dad cooks on Saturday mornings, they look at me like I have two heads. I remember talking to him about it and he said ”my mother never gave preferences to her male children. If she was in the kitchen, she expected us to be there too. That’s why I can use a grinding stone and that’s why no matter where any of us, male or female find ourselves, we can take care of our basic needs without any hassle”.
    This is how it should be and mothers should come to realize that giving preference to their male children when it comes to chores and cooking doesn’t amount to anything. I’m not even going to marry a guy that can’t cook by God’s grace. I want to enjoy what my mum enjoys too.

    1. Chiamaka Kalu

      I also want to enjoy too o. The issue needs to the correct asap! Thanks for your view!

  16. Abraham Ofili

    Lovely content. Kudos

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