What the lockdown taught me

what lockdown taught me

The abrupt switch

Nothing would have ever prepared me for the “new normal” as we now call it . Life had just ushered me into a new season of my existence. One minute I was in the new year, new age , new me mood . I was planning things I wanted to get done to make next phase better -by my next birthday I should gone farther than where I am now . This year I’m going to do this , I’m going to do that , I’m a year older now I have to stop doing this , this should be implemented…at the same time I was also complaining about how stressful it was becoming, school was taking it’s toll on me , I needed a break . The next minute I was asked to halt abruptly. Like leave all plans, go inside(out of the world),try to stay safe , the world is a mess right now , everybody is a suspect .

This is just too abrupt!

All of a sudden , there where new rules on how to live . Goodbye to normalcy ,welcome to the new reality . Everything was happening too fast , so many things to take in at once. It seemed like the world was loosing it’s light . Death toll rose wildly , Panic and alarm filled our hearts. No where felt safe , outside, our mind, the tv , the social media , the news ,conversations, everywhere we turned to flashed “welcome to the new reality”.

The lockdown has been an emotional roller coaster for every one . The strange concept ‘social distance‘ was so weird . In a world driven by collaboration, daily events , a dynamic economy and a sense of togetherness being socially distant was completely foreign , very strange to our interdependent nature.

Looking at the situation, the way things were going no one would have thought any good could come out of the depressing global situation but it did for me . There was a new level of self awareness this pushed me into.

Lessons I was taught in lockdown

a new level of self awareness was unlocked by self reflection

1. Self reflection- with literally everything put to a stop , the lockdown forced me to reflect and analyze my life like never before. I had enough time to analyze with serious introspection that has presented a deep sense of self awareness for me .Through self reflection I identified my lifestyle what I wanted and how I wanted it . The kind of relationship I want and the kind of persons I want to experience life with . I got a clear understanding that I am in full control of my ideal future.

I realized I had taken a lot for granted

2. Lock down taught me a deep sense of gratitude- I realized I had taken most things for granted . People , places ,things , life in general. I had gotten used to everything, I forgot they were all privileges. Loosing those for a bit opened my eyes and I realized I had a lot to be grateful for.

lockdown cleaned up my mindset

3. Lockdown opened a fresh mindset for me – it birthed a mind full of positivity for me . I focused my energy on positivity and drowned out negativity. I realized a positive mindset is essential for building the life you love.

I had to START

4. Lockdown pushed me to start – it was during this period my blog was birthed . I knew I had to start something and there was also enough time to do it . So why not?

you need the right people

5. Lockdown taught me the importance of people in my life – see finish na bad thing . I had gotten so used to these people and having access to them . I didn’t imagine that life could restrict access to them . For every time I saw the drastic increase in death rate , the value I had for people in my life increased . I realized I never wanted to loose them.

idolize for what?

6. Lockdown taught me that I could live without my idols – people that were so prioritized, even things like my phone . Lockdown taught me to enjoy my own company .

every moment is the moment

7. Lockdown taught me to cherish every moment- i realized i needed to make more memories, I didn’t have enough . It taught me to live in every moment because I do not know what the next moment holds.

new hobby alert!

8. Lockdown unlocked new hobbies- I got to know how much I loved making food , it was therapeutic for me . I invested my data in watching food recipes. I got new favorite music genres , i watched a lot of movies too ,also,I found a new love for shopping . It wasn’t about sleep anymore, being productive became the new hobby.

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  1. Promzzy

    Somehow it felt like you lived in my world as you wrote this..
    I love it

  2. Ifeoma


    Alot tho Appreciating people, things etc, Forgiving more Ofcourse you don’t know when you’d meet soon; and you can’t keep hating on cos it takes a lot of energy so you juSt let things flow.
    Love too

  3. Obinna bankz


    Nice one dear

      1. Glory

        Nice one dear♥️

  4. Ruona

    This lockdown taught me about the importance of family. I’ve learned to not take them for granted.

    1. Chiamaka Kalu

      I’m times like this yiu realize that family is everything

  5. Nmesoma

    Wow!! Chi,this is fabulous.. welcome love

  6. Nmesoma

    Weldone love**

  7. Stella


  8. Prosper Blacky

    Lockdown made me to realize the importance of friendship and made me discover the mistake I made over the past yeears of my life

  9. Hamilton Alexander

    This is an amazing right up so lovely 😍

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