What are my top three pet peeves?

What are my top three pet peeves?

Challenge day 3 leggo!

Top three pet peeves

Shey I will not write more than three like this ? A lot of things irritate me ah! But I’d TRY not to do asheju (over sabi I.e -I too know I.e- doing the most) and stop at three . Note the key word – Try .

  1. People been unnecessarily rude / uncouth. This right here is the most irritating thing ever , like you did that for what? I don’t know if it is an empath thing but I’m always able to tap into my own rudeness almost immediately. Like shebi you’re mad? Let’s all be mad together. But some people are so crazy and I can’t match their craziness especially in public.

Miss. Girl / Mr. Boy , your stupidity will not cast me, I rebuke you !!!! My most recent encounter with someone who falls into this category: I had just made a purchase and went to pick it up in one hostel , on returning , I needed to urgently reply a text . So I stopped , stood in one corner of the stairs and commenced typing .

Then this girl started climbing up , somebody please tell me why this girl walked straight into me? Mind you there enough space for even a Lorry to pass and there was no traffic! Just to two of us . Next thing , she goes “so you’re not going to move?” In my mind I’m like ewwwweeeyyyy but I said excuse me? She repeated “so you’re not going to move?”

I first gave her to Ah! I go too beat beat you look then said “you mean to tell me this space is enough for you ? That walked right into me? She made a reply that I didn’t quite get because in that moment there was a mighty clash between the spirit of my forefathers and the Holy Spirit . My forefathers said Show her what we’re made of! The Holy Spirit said don’t do it , it is a trap.

Just as I was still considering who to listen to the girl angrily walked out on me , hissing on top . Ah ! Werey leleyi ( this is a mad person) , I thought . I just knew the devil wasn’t to use me to fulfill purpose in that girl’s life but I wasn’t swayed thank God. But I was still angry , I kept thinking about different ways I could have dealt that girl for two days . I was that pissed.

Please and please let’s learn to have some manners. You might think you’re crazy but someone might be crazier and not every one has self control.

2. Trying to sweep issues under the carpet. Some people think they can move on from anything with talking about it . If you like ghost for one year , when you come back we’d talk about it because I can never forget . The longer it takes , the deeper my scar. Some people see it as unforgiveness but really for the most part I have to beef but I’ve come to understand that for me to heal, I must trash somethings out .

I love happiness and peace of mind so much , I can’t burden my with resentment when I know a small talk can fix the issue . Even if it is a big talk , and so? There have been many times I have had issues with people and they take to ghosting and then resurfacing like nothing happened.

You’re thinking me like a math problem that you leave when you feel like you’re having a difficulty or your brain is foggy then come back to continue where you stopped when you’ve a clear head? It can’t work sorry .

Parents are fond of doing this and I feel like they are the ones that pass it down as traits but I also feel like you get to a certain age when you can no longer blame your parents for your distortion. Time to fix yourself, I know it can be a big deal but do it for you .

I see this as emotional manipulation. Sometimes it isn’t just ghosting , sometimes they just reduce emotional frequency then they are back again . Sometimes they come with a frequency much higher than what y’all left off with. And you’re confused like okkk????? What is going on ? If you’re dealing with me that try to prioritize my mental health, I would have moved on from you because you realize anything. That’s after going crazy of course.

So people say , I was scared, you looked unapproachable, I didn’t know the reaction I’d get from you . I’m a kind , sweet soul with the devil’s face sometimes but I’m kind . Sweetie send me a note or a text or a drawing, anything that would kick start the conversation. Someone might be thinking what if you’re the offender? I’d say something. I like notes , you’d most likely get a note from me .

3. Down playing people’s trauma . Ok , you think you’ve been through more but how they feel is valid too , there is no need for comparison. Getting your feelings minimized is so embarrassing. Yes it is just a paper cut but it hurts though. Why are you now telling your own story like it is a competition? There is a time for cruise and there is a time to be serious. Let train ourselves to understand time and learn how to reaction in different situations.

A lot of people just work on their IQ but their EQ is literally begging for help . Please strike a balance. Validate people’s feelings. People you say anything, even if you’re going to counter it, validate how they feel first .

Like I said , I have a loooottt of pet peeves but these were the first three that came to mind. Have you read Day one and two? Please do if you haven’t. I hope you enjoyed? Kindly share and subscribe.

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