I am absolutely no expert but this is just my two cents on overprotective parents.Thank yo so much for reading , I would love to read your opinion or experiences,you can leave them in the comment box below.

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  1. Ifeoma

    So true
    Kudos Amyy

      1. Skylex

        Wow this really nice piece. Nicely said

  2. David

    Honestly speaking.. This is so so true.. I must say.. Am a perfect example to all the analysis given up there.. Overprotective parents causes nothing but frustration and provocation.. Too many questions, too many orders and stuffs like that.. Most of the time.. Their deeds ain’t even done out of love… Seriously.. African parents precisely.. Needs to understand that.. We were born out of anciency doesn’t mean we are ancient.. We are only living a life the century has programmed us to live in.. And thats what they need to understand.

    1. Chiamaka Kalu

      I hope they stumble on these post and others like it.I believe parents need to be lectured..like take classes on parenting or something..

  3. Eze


  4. Adesola

    This write-up is full of a lot of truths, a reminder to our generation to do better as parents.

  5. Kenny

    Wow… As explicit as can be. Parents need to enlightened and the points here i believe they can agree without a doubt. Really nice post, honestly*.

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