My boarding school experience 1

Ep.1 – meeting my boarding school 🌚

My Boarding school, Federal Government Girls' college,Umuahia.
My Alma Mata!🙌🙌

Boarding school is no joke at all, if you know you’re not ready to let your child grow and learn the tough way just avoid the boarding school. Pardon me, but I am not referring to the ones in private school with small population. I am talking about federal and state government boarding schools. Respect anybody,anyone at all that passed through a boarding school.

I was what the yorubas would call a typical Ajebutter. I was just an ice cream,too soft. I had never really known stress or seen the hard side of life before I got admitted to Federal Government Girls’ College (FGGC) Umuahia.( Alma Mata thee, I hail thee, prounitate!). The way I have been sounding you would think I spent so long in this school . I did just one year,that is ss1( senior secondary school 1).

I had just written my junior secondary school final exam (BECE) and came out in flying colors.I was already hearing passing comments about me going to join my sister in the boarding school, but it wasn’t established yet so I didn’t pay much to it.Until one day, my dad got back with some things I would need (pajamas,white bedsheets,shoes and all that),Told me to pack and get ready for travel the next day. Omo, I was super excited,I was traveling for the first time I had never left Lagos as far as I’m concerned.( I traveled as a baby but that doesn’t count).We traveled by road, it was fun until i counted more than 10 hours on the road .Abia state is very far from Lagos state.😒

Moving on to when i got to school , first thing i noticed were girls on skin cut , like what?! I panicked. I told my self i didn’t want to attend the school anymore because i would never cut my hair like that. I had barely recovered from that when i realized they wore socks and sandals.Socks and sandals???? This has to be a public school ! Growing up, i always thought private schools were for the rich and public schools were for the poor and striving ( i know, i was wrong ,i was just a kid,pardon me).I silently resolved in my heart to always wear my shoes and socks no matter what.

We got to the Admin’s office, i was tired, i had never walked that long before, “this school is just as big as the whole of Lagos “, I thought. We had to sit and wait for the officer,it was a busy day and that was totally fine. But why are this people speaking igbo in the office? They were also so loud and rude to every student that came in for help. The next thing i saw was a hassle for crayfish and onions, arrrggggggghhhhh how unprofessional, they sell in the office too?

Next thing i noticed was parents bribing to get a quick turn. LOL, same us that grumble about how corrupt the government is. But i also didn’t blame them,not only was the office too small to accommodate the crowd ,nobody wanted to restart the whole process the next day. We joined the ‘woke’ people and got in .”Everything takes a long process in this school and what is with the strict facade like you did just accept token to let us in,loosen up ma’am”. More exchange of money and my admission was procured( yes the system is corrupt and we are the CPU).

I thought that was the most stressful day of my life but that was just the beginning of many stressful days to come. We proceeded with the clearance,got a list things to buy . We rushed to the market to get them because i had to resume on Friday and i was Wednesday. We got to the ‘Ubani’ market and started buying weird things, why should i ever need a rake , cutlass,mop ,brooms and brushes to resume a school? Now this is totally weird and i didn’t want it anymore but how do i say it?

My dad said we had to hurry and get back to school before 4pm to submit the items. We made it ! It was almost 4pm but we made it though. It was also a long process too,yes , i wasn’t the only one striving to get into the prestigious school.So we did it again ,the way that always worked,not so right but it works though, we greased the official’s palm.( We need to change our ways).

We wanted to be smart and do a lot in one day,so off to the Senior boarding house mistress’ house .Up till this day, i have never met any one as aggressive ,mean and rude as that woman.She was just like an angry insect. I just felt like she hated me because i was cuter or because i was what the society would call fat? Or was it because she felt i wasn’t worthy to be a part of the school? I couldn’t just place it. After a while in school ,i realized that was just her and she could never change .In fact, i heard she was the calmest she had ever been because some senior students had just fed her some some scalding hot soup not too long ago.So she would forever hate students.Anyway,half of it was futile ,she chased us away after a while ,so we had to go back the the next day. TERRIFIC .I had never experienced that much stress in my life.

There was still a lot clearance to do still, so the next morning we were out very early because resuming the next week wasn’t an option . We met nicer people or had they just welcomed us as one of their’s? I wouldn’t know but it felt better.We did enough that day but the day ended at the she devil’s house (a wrong way to end the day). Every daywear i tried on wouldn’t fit me and she found humor in that. Why is the world just so cruel at people with extra pounds of flesh.It is not a sin and i didn’t ask for it!We had to leave , I was obviously a special case . It wasn’t as if i was too fat, just a bit chubby but it is ok .Keep treating me wrong ,i will live.🤦‍♀️

Another day gone, I survived.What i realized – I was so much stronger than i thought,not an ice cream, maybe a pudding.I didn’t know how to feel on Friday, i was tired ,stressed, excited,anxious, i really wanted to do it but I also didn’t want to, i was dreadful.

We had finished up except getting me a day wear. We rushed back home to get my stuff, my bag of provision could feed a nation , I thought it was so unnecessary but looking back all i can say is GOD BLESS MY FATHER. We dropped them at the check point and begged some seniors to watch them. We went back to she devil’s house and she finally got me one day wear ,it was so tight. I could barely breathe not to talk of moving . Movement was restricted by this dress and she said go, in at most 2 weeks time it will be your perfect fit , sounds strange but she didn’t lie. We were supposed to have at least 2 but I had to live with one until they made me another one.Back to the check point ,finally I found favour and was checked in on time . Or did my dad do something? I don’t really know .All I wanted to do was rest.

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    This is really good and interesting, can’t wait for the next one!

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    I love this piece, very intriguing, can’t wait for the next post

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    I enjoyed it ♥️

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    Amazing story. Well done.

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    Your story is enjoyable. Well done.

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    This is so lovely,reminds me of my experience in a public boarding house.

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    Lol….I do you know how to even explain mine..
    Nice Work babe

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