School life was turning out nicer than it seemed at first. My toilet duty wasn’t bad either, roomlet girls never lacked water, I had my personal harpic toilet cleaner and my roommates taught me to always rush back to hostel immediately after classes to lock the toilet.

This prevents people from using it, so it was never dirty. I know, I know, quite insensitive but trust me, these girls deserved it. Their wickedness was chronic and the mess they created in the toilet was always a proof of how heartless they were. Mind you, Block 2 and 3 shared the sane toilet and those girls were just serious pigs. Very dirty things.

I just had to make the toilet look wet every morning. I also didn’t find the need to shot put anymore. Just terrific! Side note : every ss1 girl in roomlet was a toilet worker so they just did the shotput thing for the fun of it, and because they wanted to conserve our ‘precious’ water.

The date for the midterm break was finally announced. I was so excited to see beyond the school gates but nobody told me, nobody told me I didn’t need to take my box of belongings home and especially my provisions. I didn’t also know midterm breaks lasted for at least 10 days.

When we were finally released, I saw girls, a lot of girls with just small bags. I also saw girls like me struggling with boxes 😂💔 and they were mostly JSS1 girls. OK, to be fair, my roommates had tried to put me on to the fact that I needed just a small bag of essentials, but I couldn’t imagine leaving any of my stuff behind.

When I and my sister got home ( where we stayed in Umuahia), the welcome was so warm, the ajebo survived. I also found out that 3 of my school mates lived in the same compound as we did. ‘Super weird’, I thought, but OK. People like this are usually referred to as “fa-fa” in school, which means they are close to your family . They could be neighbors, family friends ,distant relatives or associates. Basically , anyone that knows you beyond school is your “fa-fa”. Anyway, I had to resume fetching water again😪, it wasn’t hard this time because I already had a bit of practice. As far as I didn’t have to carry it on my head, I was fine.

Two days past, the excitement had petered out and Boredom began to settle in. I began to spend a lot of time on my phone and eating away boredom. Towards the end of the break, out of my big bag of provisions, I had only one pack of golden morn cereal left 😩. I wasn’t really worried, I felt entitled to more. All I had to do was inform the parents of the new development. I thought it had to be that easy.

When my parents called, I gave them the update and they assured me that some money would be made available to mpa (mpa was our big daddy) for my provision. With that assurance, I borrowed a pack of milk from my sister, promising to pay back with a pack of choco once I got reimbursed. How ignorant of me😂😭!

Mpa was a military man and his children were in the military school were provisions was prohibited, so I believe he didn’t really understand my concept of ‘provisions’, neither did he understand that I didn’t eat school food so provisions were a must for me. Without those in mind, mpa got me 2 roll of coco pops and a roll of milk.

I didn’t even know it was meant for school because how?? So I concluded that it was a gift and went ahead to treat my self to some coco pops. Mumu me. A day to resumption, we subtly reminded mpa that we were going back to school the next day and really needed him to get us some provisions that day. And he was confused like ‘but I bought you provisions since, what else do you need?’. Ah! I was appalled. I gave you a list 😩, every thing on the list was important😩.

It was in that moment that I knew I had played myself. I called home to rant but what could be done? The next day I went back to school carrying only the weight of my foolishness, physically, it was a light bag of some coco pops and milk I had left. I was swift to let aunty Nancy know of my predicament and she promised to get me some as soon as I dropped my list. Arrghhhhh I love Aunty Nancy. God bless that woman.

I gave her a list and left her office elated. You’d think the mid-term break instilled some sense into me, no it didn’t, because your girl went ahead to eat up all the coco pops she had left like biscuits. Unfortunately, Aunty Nancy wasn’t as quick as I predicted so I soon found myself going to the dinning hall or my sister’s hostel to solicit for some provision.

I soon realized that school food wasn’t that bad, you just have to be hungry. When I finally got my provision from aunty Nancy I also realized no one could really get me provision like my dad but it was OK, I had learnt a new survival skill, I.E: eating the school food.

From then on, I was able to manage my provision wisely, I only had provision when it was absolutely necessary, like when the taste of school food was beyond me, or I missed it for some reason ,no longer to beat boredom.

My first midterm break taught me Resource Management .

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  1. astrid

    i love reading about your school experience,especially bc it’s quite strange for me – we in serbia don’t have boarding schools so this is all new for me! great work,really

  2. Angeline

    What a nice lesson, sometimes we end up valuing our resources when we get just the right amount.

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    I would like to peer extra posts like this .

  4. Chidera

    Wow really nice and detailed☺️
    Boarding school will really teach you a lot oo especially FGCs

  5. Eva

    Brings back alot of memories. Thanks for taking me down this memory lane. I might actually do this for my blog too. I really laughed alot.

    1. Chiamaka Kalu

      I cabt wait to read yours! What’s the make of your blog?

  6. Eze Faith

    Its still the same in fggc now,but is more enjoyable because I am now a prefect….blue house captain… Nice story though…

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