Like I said earlier, been in Purple house – block 2 roomlet was the beginning of good times in FGGC Umuahia. It felt like God had finally picked up my case file and I will always be grateful to Chinweotito Madu 🥺☺️, who later became my ‘bunkie’.

Block 2 roomlet ushered me into a new phase. It was actually the only roomlet in purple house. I still have no idea why it was called a roomlet because it technically wasn’t, it could comfortably accommodate 14 of us. It was almost a hall, I feel like it should have been called a small hall but what does that matter?

Roomlet girls as we were called easily welcomed me, they introduced themselves to me and told me the basic principles of the room. We had 4 ss3 students,5 ss1 students (including me), 2 js1 students and 4 js2 students , ok that makes 15 but the day I moved in, one of the js1 girls was evicted . I was her replacement. Poor girl , lucky me.

Been in this room has a lot of pros , the only con was that the other girls didn’t like us🤣😂 because they felt roomlet girls were proud. Who cares?

😂 😂 They all felt this way about us.

We did everything together , fetching water was also so easy because the tap was just in front of our room. we were called mammy water because we always went to the tap with piles upon piles of buckets, once you see roomlet girls at the tap, just go back because you might never get a chance . It was that bad.

It was the job of the ss3 girls to get us space at the tap, js1 and js2 girls to fetch and carry the water and ss1 girls to wash the clothes . Yes, we washed for technically everyone , 2 people washed, 2 people rinsed and I was the ‘hanger’ (pecks of been a little more than average in height😊) . As they fetched , we washed . Roomlet girls couldn’t be found managing water and that was one of the reasons why we never left the tap on time.

I never had to worry about pooping because roomlet girls were skillful shot putters, yes I learnt to do it with them, it felt like the best way, they made the ratchet seem bougie. (For those that were not boarders , shot put is simply taking the the advice my mom gave ealier , i.e : pooping into a nylon bag and skillfully flinging it into the bush, not the most hygienic but we did it anyway). We had our bath together, ate together, went to class together , did literally everything together. We were just one big closely knitted family.

No senior ever touches a roomlet girl , unless you want to fight. All of a sudden I felt like a princess, I was finally feeling among. I was enjoying my new life when something in me said ,” you know you do not have morning duty abi? You just go to class every morning without doing anything, that’s a sign of irresponsibility! Better go and meet the house mistress and report yourself “.

That was how I went to report myself to the house mistress, the house mistress was actually one of my guardians that I didn’t pay any attention to, because what is the need of having multiple guardians when i had Aunty Nancy and Roomlet girls? Yea , you got that right , absolutely nothing. She said she would find something for me , that the toilet and bathroom didn’t need more workers.

One week past , nothing. Being my guardian , she was avoiding sending me to work wih the VP Squad. Students in the VP Squad kept the school environment clean, they gave them large portions of the school compound to clean ( compound is an understatement because the school is more like a town, so a portion is literally a compound in my opinion). They also cleaned staff rooms and worked with Labor masters and prefects.

Instead of me to accept God’s favor towards me with gratitude , I kept disturbing this woman like a mumu. Looking back , I have realized that I just wanted to belong. You are not fully a boarder if you do not have a morning duty. Finally, one morning I was informed that one girl from the toilet had been transferred to the VP Squad . So I was given a duty as a toilet corridor, a night mare!

Basically, I was supposed to wash to corridor after all the girls must have finished washing their toilets . which means I would always be the last to leave everyday , which also implies going to class late and also going alone because my room mates would have left earlier. Just when I thought life was going well😢😢.

The first day I worked , I almost ran mad , my body started itching everywhere on the spot and all I could do was shout ‘blood of Jesus’! I hadn’t even started fully because I didn’t know how to mop the boarding school way, so the senior mopped and I squeezed the mop. I told her I couldn’t go on, my whole body was itching. She looked at me like I must be a clown without the costume , “are you not the one that has been disturbing the house mistress for morning duty”? She asked. “Yes , I am but I can’t do it, my whole body is itching”,I replied . She was about to start chiding me when she realized I was already turning red.

She called the attention of the house mistress and I was swapped with someone with a thicker skin. I got a toilet, she got the corridor. I felt good, I had a morning duty, good roommates and I was coping well with classes. Boarding school wasn’t bad after all, I just had to meet with the right people.

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