Official First day of school 😒


Official First Day of School

FGGC Umuahia held assembly every Monday and Fridays. It was Monday, I forgot to mention that I hadn’t gotten a school uniform, I had just a day wear and Sunday wear. Guess who had to wear her day wear to school on Monday? Yea,you’re right,me.

I wore my purple day wear, ash cardigan, blue back pack, white socks and black shoes. I was just a big clown in the midst of a thousand students. My status as a new student was known at first glance.

After the assembly, new students were called for the orientation program, knowing I was 3 weeks behind schedule since I resumed late, I should have stayed in class to learn like my mates but no, mumu me went around with jss1 students.

Normally jss1 students are usually around age 9 and are perceived as babies, that was how the reverend sisters and aunties hosting the program saw them anyway. They happily sang some nursery rhymes as children that they were, they were also encouraged to have strength for secondary school, gave them tips on how to cope ( tips that will definitely put you in trouble as a junior student because who are you doing that one for?), they also walked around school,you know getting to know the environment and all that.

Orientation lasted 3 days and I attended every one. I stabbed classes to attend orientation 😭, I hadn’t even gotten most of my books and I was busy following Jss 1 students like a sheep. The funniest thing is that I only went there to sleep πŸ˜‚. My new nick name was “Orientation”πŸ˜ͺ.

I was eaten by my classmates for my severe foolishness but it is OK, I would have done same in their shoes.

After school, I went for lunch with my classmates after been coaxed by one that took special liking in me. With my stainless plate aka “gbamgbam” and full cutlery set in my backpack, I headed for the dinning hall with them.

After a while I was able to locate the table for new comers. I was served, table manners weren’t observed, every one was standing, the hall was clustered and hot.

the dinning hall of FGGC Umuahia


This girls decided to take photos in the hall, but Yea, this hall is usually full to the brim during food hours.

I looked at the ‘Eba and Egusi soup’, I couldn’t. Where do I begin? It looked so badd, while I was still thinking of what to do, a girl walked up to me and asked to borrow my spoon, I had never met her but she promised to return it. I gave her and told her she could have the food too. Mumu me! That was my first and last encounter with my plate and spoon.

I reunited with my classmates, next thing I see them flying the window. First thought – ‘but we came through a door’πŸ˜•. I hadn’t even finished gathering my thoughts when someone shouted at me to jump.

One minute I’m trying to reason and the next minute I’m in the air obeying the great law of gravity ; my very first Batman experience. Honestly, I do not know how my day wear didn’t shred. I had barely landed when I heard RUNNNNNN, I ran, with the fear of the unknown, I ran.

After that day, I told my self going for food wasn’t for me and I would refrain from it next time. I later found out that the reason why we took the window is because ‘H’ class girls didn’t want to pack pots and coolers.

Towards the end of the day, I went to she devil’s house to test my luck. Luckily I got a another day wear but no uniform still. I missed dinner, I wasn’t ready for another traumatic experience.

I thought the day had ended when I was informed that there was something like night prep. So we have normal classes, extension classes and then night prep? I never asked to be Einstein please, this is just preposterous!

Night prep is basically for revising and preparing for the next school day ( if you cared). It was actually a blessing in disguise, I had enough time to make sure my notes were up to date.

For H class, night prep was the time to catch up on gists or novels. After night prep, I was as a vegetable, been active from 5am to 9pm. I wasn’t ready for this new life at allπŸ˜ͺ. I didn’t need my Bible to sleep that night, sleep easily took me. I needed strength to go on. I survived first day, more days to go…

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