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After the inspection, my sister stopped by my hostel ,she was on her way to class as an A+ student that she was and decided to show me my class. I was admitted into SS1H , which was allegedly the most notorious class in FGGC Umuahia. When I said life was throwing shite at me I wasn’t exaggerating.

When I got into the class I screamed “blood of Jesus!!” in my mind. I asked my self, “Are these my classmates or people’s mothers?” God please have mercy on me,what did I do wrong? I thought. They looked like giants in my eyes,I mean I wasn’t small myself but they were wayyy beyond me.

They were so thiccc,their breasts like my mother’s, if not bigger, their bum? Let’s not even go there…are these people even my mate?God 😰😰

Then I realized they were friendly, asking if I was the new member of the class,I said Yes. They were warm,I had a nervous smile pasted on my face throughout as the introduction went on. This was still surreal, in my former school, I was literally the biggest in junior school and here I was, feeling like my size was almost insignificant.

Another girl walked into the class with a deep frown and didn’t even bother to introduce herself. This infuriated them and they were ready to eat her up but she wasn’t even moved. Why would someone deliberately try to the wrong side of this big people? I thought. I found out later that she was from another boarding school and was used to hostile environment.

Are you new? She asked. “Yes I am”.Good, she replied, we could pair and get our locker, it would soon run out. What?? They don’t provide lockers in class? I have to bring it from wherever to the class? What kind of school is this? I thought. It should be the usual way, the class teacher introduces you to the class, assigns you to a seat and advise the classmates to be good to you.

I was wrong. I confirmed from my class mates and that was the process. Luckily for me, I was with my green clearance card, so we moved. Off to the hall. First of all, this girl walks too fast, I was literally run-walking and she was still way ahead of me. I finally met up at the hall and I noticed something on her backpack “Nmesogood”. Don’t ask me what it means yet, I’m coming 😪

During the course of the clearance I realized her name was Nmesoma,hence the nickname “Nmesogood”. Ah God 😭 why me? I thought she was so not cool unlike the students in my former school. No one would ever bear such a nick in my former school. I later heard worse nicknames like “kokaine”,”brown sugar” and more..I immediately forgave Nmesoma, she didn’t deserve to be judged like that.

We were cleared and assigned lockers we had to carry to our class. First of all, I can’t believe I’m carrying this, secondly, why is this girl running? Why are you running? Is this thing not heavy to you? I am about to die here and you’re busy running like you’re flying a kite. Mind you,our class was quite a distance from the hall, at least to me.

We got to class, got a space, she wanted to somewhere in front front because she had an eye defect. It was cool, I was a serious student myself,so why not? We had had barely dropped the locker when she started running for the seat. Doesn’t this girl like to breathe? Rest small kwanu.

I had to join her anyway, did I have a choice? Coming back I was carrying the seat like a lifeless and boneless person, that was how she got vexed and decided to carry it alone. “Is it me you’re hurting? You are only hurting your self. Thanks though. I am in great awe of your strength and tenacity”, I thought. “Thanks”, I said.

We got to class and the next thing she asked for was a marker, I had two, thanks to my dad. I gave them to her wondering what she wanted them for. Then she proceeds to write ‘Nmesogood’ on our locker, I’m like OK…… Then she says I should write my name too to prevent theft. Theft? They would steal the locker in my class too? Aren’t there enough lockers for everyone in school?

I went ahead to write my full name on my side of the locker and everyone around found it hilarious. What is funny about my names? They are all simple names, very easy to pronounce, so what is funny? They said I was supposed to write only a nickname. But my nickname isn’t my name, it is just my 2go username, how will I ever proof that that is who I am if my seat gets stolen as y’all have said?

When I looked around, everyone had their nicknames or a simple name on their lockers. I almost felt like a mumu again. The rest of the day passed as a blur. Sunday came, service was long and boring but I liked my Sunday wear and the fact that I had to wear it white white socks and black shoes like a normal student.

I was in class again in the evening, getting to know my ‘sidie’ ( yes, these terms are used in class too) when she started talking about food, asking me what we would be served for dinner. OK, first of all, I didn’t even know they served us food…then she goes ahead to say that they had ‘lice’ and ‘stu’ ( Rice and Stew) for lunch.

That was what broke the last of strand of thread holding me. I put my head on my locker and cried. Not only are you Nmesogood you also have this strong Igbo tongue? Lice? It is perfectly OK to have the accent, we’re igbos, but this ‘R’ and ‘L’ factor? No😭

I cried for my parents, I just wanted to go back home, I wanted them to forgive me all my sins because I must have sinned. Just take me away from here lord,I cried. She tried consoling, telling me not to cry for my mommy. Gave me tissues to wipe my nose and face. If only she knew she was the reason for my shameless outburst.

The outburst might seem unnecessary but aside from the fact that I was already emotionally and physically stressed, I also really liked English language back then, it was literally the only language I was fluent in. I imagined my former speech and diction teacher cringing at the pronunciation.

I really need to be out of here, this class, this school and definitely out of this girl’s presence forever. Thank God it didn’t happen that way. Nmesoma was my God sent Angel and I cannot imagine class/school without her 🥰

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      That’s good keep it up

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    FGC thought me about life the hard way..If you survive there, you can comfortably survive anywhere…
    Continue the story please

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    Can totally relate to this, I also went to a boarding school. But trust me those were the best times of my life.

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    Very good post about your boarding school experience. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

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    Lol so relatable

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    Good Article

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    FGGC thou
    I can relate because I attended one 😅😅

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