Lice almost made me run mad!

Lice almost made me run mad!

What is lice?

Lice is a devil !periodt! I never knew what lice was until I got into the university. Of course, I had heard of it some how but never really knew what it was, you know I wasn’t familiar. If you’re reading this and do not know what lice is , take two moments off, yes take a pause. Now close your eyes and bless the name of the lord because you’re lucky!

Lice is the littlest devil you would ever have the misfortune of meeting .

I am a student of the University of Nigeria,Nsukka. I met lice in my first year . I lived in the hostel ,and very oblivious about how the devil got into my room. It must have been through someone’s hair ,yes, but how though?

I had just made this really nice long braids , very beautiful. I was loving it, very proud of it . My money didn’t waste I thought . Days later I started feeling terrible itches , knowing I washed my hair , even applied a hair mask , which means double washing before making the hair . I thought,”God why am I so allergic to synthetic hair now?” Because synthetic extensions itch my scalp but just for a minute though. Little did I know that that was only the beginning of my woes .

I got more itches, I kept scratching. So painful yet so sweet , very incessant itches. You’d cry from embarrassment because it strategically picks the very wrong place and time to itch.

After a while , I started noticing headaches, even movements, I thought it was just an illusion. I told my self ,”it is too early to take this braids out so we die here!”. Then one day one crawled out , the horror! I just knew some how that THIS IS LICE! Ah egbami (save me) .

Then my mind started playing tricks because I started feeling more movements and itches, the headache was more frequent . One day , I was quick enough to pick at an itch , lo and behold, an adult louse in my hand!

I have been avoiding this image , but this are lice💔

Bitter tears rolled down my eyes, this hair isn’t even up to 2 weeks I thought . I went from scratching to hitting my head because I was running mad. I was going berserk. I always tried to pick them , I never got less horrified, just more goosebumps. I told my self I would loose the hair in during the weekend.

I went to church on Thursday (mid week service), it was so hot . I never knew they were allergic to heat . They were moving , moving fast . I was going crazy , I just wanted to pull my shirt off , I wanted to pull every strand of hair out and scream . They were falling off my head , I was picking some . I didn’t even care if I was been noticed at that point .

After service , I ran back to my room demanding for a pair of scissors. “Please give me scissors before I run mad !”. Finally got the scissors , chopped the hair and took out the braids . The next day I went to the barber to cut and bleach my hair , I wanted natural hair so I opted for bleaching instead of relaxing my hair . They died. A painful death.

You may be thinking ok wow! The end . No, it wasn’t the end because my roommates had it too , hadn’t treated because they didn’t realize they did. So back to square one. All of us in a small cycle . A family of ladies humbled by lice .

How to spot head Lice

Spotting lice is so easy but the problem is that you’d always find your self denying that you actually have lice. Denial is the first stage. Below are signs you shouldn’t over look because it might probably mean that you have lice. The signs :

• intense itching

• ticklish feeling from hair moments

•the nits ( the look like dandruff but are hard to take out)

• sore scalp from intense scratching

• hair loss

how to treat hair lice

As a survivor, I can boldly tell you that the best way to treat hair lice is using RUM. Yes. Please do not use camphor and kerosene on your hair dear ,please . In fact , camphor and anything at all. Just get a spray bottle and rum , you’d be healed. Cut your hair into small sections and spray

They die instantly but you can leave on for a couple of minutes just to be sure everyone dies . Wrap your hair in something hair tight for more effect . Trust me , you’d be good to go because even the nits will not spared . You might want to do it 2/3 times with the space of 2 weeks just to make sure nothing survives.

Thank you so much for reading! I know this was cringe worthy. I apologize 🌚 . However, have you ever encountered lice? Please share to your experience with me in the comment section.

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  1. Jane

    I haven’t experienced lice before buh my roommate had it in my first year.We never taught it could be lice until she picked one out of her hair and I got so scared because we usually share comb and I was like since she has it I will definitely have it and I didn’t want to cut my natural hair so I loosened my hair and started checking if I had lice but thank God I didn’t have and she told us she thinks she got it from the saloon where she went to wash her hair and since then I vowed not to was my hair in saloon especially Sub
    Lice is very deadly it can make u run mad😅

  2. Esinbor Favour

    I experienced such ooh
    Lice is a bitch …….God I wasn’t myself then ooh….
    Frustration almost killed me eeh

  3. Promzzy

    Really funny experience.. remind me of someone with similar experiences

  4. Gracious

    That experience is not cool at all. I can relate

  5. Ifeoma

    Not an experience to be encountered at all 😭😭😭

  6. Stella


  7. Victohhh

    Incase of next time😂
    Patronise me am learning to barb pls

  8. Ify

    Please, what type of rum?

      1. Naza

        I can relate😭😭.
        I found out few days ago that I have it. And my hair is still new, expensive braids oo.
        Me and this lice will have to live together for now, because I can’t waste my money like that nau😭😭

        1. Chiamaka Kalu

          lol,i can totally relate…but will you be able to cope though?

  9. Rhodarr

    Omo, you’re really a survivor 😭❤️❤️

  10. Okpo Faith

    Let me not start my encounter with lice here because I won’t end😂. They had constant meetings on my hair. Those creatures dealt with my mental state, life, spirit and body. I had to cut my beautiful hair. Oh, my hair😭! I still feel them moving, maybe, just maybe it might be my imagination but ain’t joking here, I still feel the eggs are on my hair but I will use RUM. Thank you for the enlightenment ma.

  11. Ruona

    I don’t want to recount my experience. I was traumatized.

    1. Chiamaka Kalu

      looooll,me too! any time i feel the slighest movement i am like omg let it not be please.

  12. Prosper Blacky

    JESUS!!!, Amy, no wonder you cut your hair and you were whining me that it was your natural hair color.. Hmm..
    Now I know

    Nice post, really love it

  13. Amara

    I got lice when I used my roommate’s comb… Lol
    I never knew she had head lice till she told me, and that was after I had already used her comb several times. I was like whuuuttttt?? I die here😂
    And eventually I got it… At first I consoled myself with thinking it was dandruff… I eventually cut my hair when I found out I had hair lice
    Spent alot of money hair products to prevent the lice and kill off anything else remaining
    Now I’ve had the experience… I’ve learnt my lesson. Please dear sisters, take your personal hair comb and brush pack with you to the hair salon, you can never tell. Don’t share hair comb, brush, and the rest, even wigs with people.. No matter how close, coz my mum got hair lice from me too after she used my hair brush. I hope this helps
    Thanks Chi for the info on RUM and bleaching…I’d try it out sometime

    1. Chiamaka Kalu

      yes girl,i got lice from my .roomies wig are welcome

  14. Onyinye

    Oh my God, such a horrible experience. I was in your room back then, I can totally relate 🤣🤣💔💔. Had to relax my hair to red rid of those devils

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