It is no news that Nigeria just celebrated her 60th year of independence and her citizens are in wonder at how poor the state of the nation has been ever since.

Ms. Aso- Nwankwo Deborah has penned down a bit of how she feels in this piece:



My heart bleeds

My soul weeps

Yet the people leap

Without looking

And this revolves in the calamity

That has befallen

My Nationality  

Oh! Citizens what is your Identity?

You who can’t stand Diversity

Or even enter the stage of Tranquility

How then will there be Equality?

  Oh! How the mighty has fallen

Departed souls still sighing

Youthful heroes still wailing

Here we are awaiting the unfolding of this so called Reformism


A shelter echoing peace and unity

With hostility and blood

Its walls have been decorated

This is so disheartening

To watch this captivity

In my Nationality

Where there’s no Equability

Behold her laments

Due to much blood spilled

See us beholding History physically

Yet we can’t comprehend

Oh! What a black Tuesday.

  Is this the Nigeria of our heroes sweat?

I engross in pain

The freedom of Zik’s adventure?

The land of Yar’adua’s velleity?

The struggle of Awolowo’s fist?

Is this the Great Giant of Africa?

Who would follow our Emulation?

Who then would be our Voice?

If the future leaders are massacred

No more freedom of speech

Those who spoke out met their youthful dismise

If they’re all gone

Who would fight for peace?

Who then would tell posterity the story?

Oh! How profusely my heart bleeds

Aye! Her chant at 60  

Written in a dirge  

Her voice could be heard from afar

Calling for Her youthful heroes

Who would tell Achebe the sun has departed from Chiolu?

But the question still remains

Who would appease their souls?

The Poet

Aso-Nwankwo Deborah is a native of Ukwa East in Abia state and an undergraduate of the University of Nigeria,Nsukka. She is a writer and a motivational speaker.

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  1. Aso-Nwankwo Nneoma Deborah

    This is a very mornful poem, with didactics written in dirge.
    I still cry when I read this again 😓

  2. Kenny

    Really nice concept✊

  3. Ifeoma

    Really inspiring

  4. Amaka


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