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What is Depression?

Depression I am afraid is something gone through by about 85% of individuals on earth . It is sad that it starts out earlier in our generation. Now you can find a 9 year old child depressed. The good thing is, there is a lot more awareness about it today .

Once upon a time ,people laughed at the notion depression, growth believed it was just an illusion, it was just an individual trying to seek attention or simply justification for being very melancholic. Although, it is a known knowledge that some people are very melancholic by temperament but are still very happy people , the opposite temperaments finds it weird.

Depression is the cancer of the mind

Depression can be categorized as many things but first I will categorize it as the cancer of the mind . It is strong feeling of emptiness, sadness,anger,worthlessness,hopelessness and other dark emotions .

Although feeling down at times is a normal part of life, upsetting events happen to every one but with depression, it is constant and uncontrollable.

Depression is a wild rollercoaster of emotions (anger,aggressiveness,anxiousness,restlessness,sadness,hopelessness, e.t.c.).

depression leaves you not knowing how to feel

Shackles of depression

Until I got depressed, I never really understood what depression was, It was just a passing word for me until then . It was the darkest period of my life. I had terrible insomnia and night mares . I couldn’t sleep , I was too anxious , I always felt like something was wrong, something was about to happen.

I was the night guard of my home ,always up , picking every sound and reading unnecessary meaning to them . I lost so much weight , I went from being chubby to slim ; it was drastic), I barely ate because I never really had appetite, my hobbies went from singing ,dancing and writing to crying and being lost . I couldn’t recognize myself . I just wanted to be alone . I cut off family ,friends,social media ,everything I loved. It was just me and my Wattpad . I became a goat 😂 ( very stubborn and angry).

Depression is like a big worm, it keeps burrowing, it keeps eating, it eats deep until you’re left empty . Even in your emptiness it doesn’t leave ,depression doesn’t mind scraping from nothing that’s why most victims try to end it by committing suicide but please SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER . Do not allow depression win , it might probably scorn your soul even after you die .

How to spot depression

Signs you may be depressed

Alot of guidance , friends and individuals most times never they or their loved ones are falling into the dark pit (depression) until they are totally deep into it.

•For a naturally melancholic person it is not every easy to spot depression because of their naturally quiet demeanor but thing you should be able to spot is •anger . Anger is one emotion a depressed would likely feel , both at themselves and at the world . Even for extroverts ,anger is common ,behind the cherry cherry facade you frequently find them angered by the littlest provocation.

• Unexplainable mood swings.

• Loss of interest in things they would normally enjoy.
•Low self esteem ; they always find themselves lacking . You can easily notice this in frequent use of some passing remarks ( I don’t think I can do it , what they don’t like …… I am not sure if….. I don’t really thing I’m cut out for that … I’d really love to , but I can’t ).

•Lack of productivity ; no zeal to do anything, you frequently hear comments like: I just want to sleep , I don’t want to do it anymore I’m tired, I really don’t have strength for that , just leave me alone …

• Lack of sleep or excess of it .

• Loss of appetite/ unhealthy eating habit .

•Drastic weight gain/loss.

• Social isolation

• You would usually find them lost in thoughts

• Self harm

Please note; while are these are some signs of depression, they are also things that happens to individuals once in a while . It is the frequent occurrence that triggers concern .

Causes of Depression

A lot of things trigger depression, it differs with individuals. I’d highlight some that could affect just about any individual. They are:

• Emotional violation : trampling on people’s emotions is the quickest way to send their mental health down the drain . It brings up questions, it reduces self esteem and self worth . It creates mental wounds which if not handled properly leads to depression.

• Sexual abuse ( the does the very same thing emotional violation does and more ).

• Use of substance : excessive use of substance destabilizes you and confuses hormone secreting glands . It is just like you overcharging you’re cell phone battery with time it gets ruined and goes from 100% to 0% in a few minutes.

• Harboring hurt: A broken heart is most like equal to a shaky mental health . It messes with your mind .

• Another thing that affects the mental health that people do not acknowledge is – Doing favours for people to your own detriment. Learn assertiveness today dear .

How to help a depressed person

• Get a therapist : this are people that have been professionally trained to help out. Don’t undermine them, you need them .

• Spread love and light : Once you find a depressed person , make a deliberate effort to be their peace . Send them love (unconditional)and light . This will help them understand love and regain love for themselves.

• Say no to drugs : never encourage the use of drugs , it only causes more harm.

• Yes to self care: skin , hair , body ,nails . Deliberate efforts on inner and outer appearance will always boost your mood.

• Excersise – this right here is the cheapest therapy ever!

• Vent – I cannot overemphasize the importance of venting . Just vent! To the mirror , a person , a note , the air , to God, talk about what hurts . It helps everytime . It unburdens your heart .

• Also be assertive. It is ok to be nice but it isn’t if it will turn around and bite you . Be selfish with your peace and mental health.

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    Amy thanks, I didn’t know about how melancholic person could get depressed, I didn’t even notice and I was mad at her because she suddenly changed, but now I realize and I want me and her to be ever close as before

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