Dear 13 year old me

Dear 13 year old me,A letter with with I would tell my younger self

I wish I didn’t have to write this letter . I wish you knew and practiced everything I’m about to tell you . This is little but it would have helped . The 13 year old phase might be over for you but hasn’t began for your children and the little ones you will be opportune to mentor.

You are beautiful. I hate that you didn’t really understand that . You body is just right for your age , you do not need to starve to meet the society’s beauty standard . You are standard.

Your dental fluorosis is part of your uniqueness, the pearly white state made it even more beautiful. You should have smiled more often, there was no need to hide them . They are a beautiful sight to behold, an art work .

You’re an amazing and unique art just as you are . There was no need to fight for acceptance, you are a privilege to the world . A heavenly gem on earth ? The earth is honored.

Letting your young self know that you’re beautiful
Dear 13 year old me, you are beautiful

You are smart. You can do anything, anything you put your heart to . Your smartness is beyond class room tests , you shouldn’t have caged it . It was greatly limited by you . There was no need to be humble about it , it would have loved to explore .

Competition would have been nice , inter school, local government, states , national, international levels , you were capable . You are capable, you only needed to accept that you could , you only needed to explore the books you loved , you only need to say yes , I will.

You be little your smartness , I wish you knew how smart you are .
Dear 13 year old me, you’re smart.

You are talented . Why sit and watch people what you can do better? You could sing and dance but you hid those from the world . Was it because you were chubby? You thought you wouldn’t be accepted , low self esteem played you . You were so wrong . You would have left them awestruck. You are beyond the mirror and bathroom, quit hiding this art. It is meant to be showcased , you ought to own it and groom it , build it and rule with it .

Dear 13 year old me , you are talented

You are a leader . You hid from public responsibilities not because you didn’t want wahala. You were too shy , I wouldn’t be wrong it I called you a coward.

You shouldn’t be ,you have the ability , you have the brains , you have the charisma ,you have the good ideas . You were born to lead . There is absolutely no reason to hide behind people’s shadows. It is isn’t humility, it is cowardice. You would have done great .

Honey , a lot of people wanted to be friends with you. They saw what you couldn’t see , the gem behind the gloomy facade . I wish you didn’t shut them out . They would have been either blessings or lessons , perfectly right for you , just what you need for the making .

You should have allowed your self be a teen , live teenhood. You didn’t need to be perfect, you didn’t need to beat your self up . Play games , socialize , share ideas , allow people in .

I wish you were more open about your feelings , you didn’t have to compromise your choices for the crowd . I wish you weren’t stuck the bubble in your head , come out , live ,explore and enjoy . It is your free time .

I wish you didn’t at those fully expressed them self and called them proud or say they are doing the most . I wish you learnt from them . It is called self esteem, theirs was higher than yours . It is been true to your self. It is living . It is enjoying life. It would have looked good on you too .

You didn’t realize how special you were and I want to tell you know now.
Dear 13 year old me, you are special.

In all these , I want you to know that you’re special , you’re a queen , there is a whole crown embellished with jewels on your head. You are strong , you are able , you are worth every effort . You are great , your greatness is isn’t limited. You are an achiever , you are perfect, your smile is beautiful , your eyes are dazzling. You will have the world enamored , you are you ,unique . You are light , your world’s greatest blessing. Your heart is gold , this art Chiamaka is diamond and you are adored.

Your older self.

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    Favour….. I’m so proud of you right now
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    My dear may God enlighten you the more

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    Nice right up dear…the right up was just meant for me.

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