How to create better men
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How to create better men

Men Are Scum?

The phrase ‘ men are scum’ has become so popular, it is alarming . Does this mean there are no good men out there? No, absolutely not . They are tons of good men are there,why do women end up with the ‘scum’ ones? ones you may ask.

Or is it the fault from the women? Would you say they didn’t pick properly? Or is it just the evolution of what I will call ‘toxic feminism’ ? ( I believe toxic feminism is going beyond what feminism stands for which is uplifting the females, letting the male world they also have reserved rights to every right and privilege a male enjoys because they are also human , saying no to marginalization of women. Toxic  feminism drives towards being misandry in my opinion).

Referring to a person as scum is saying they are worthless or contemptible, a strong bitter expression. But it is all over social media, people have even started using it more during physical interactions . What is the basis of this phrase? Is it justified?

Why men are scum


The society focuses on empowerment and training of the girl child , telling them what is good and bad , what they should do or not, how they should act and not act, how to communicate and express emotions liberally. Leaving the boys to find their way and ‘ man up’ , same society has turned right back to treat them with contempt referring to them as scum for the lack of what they were never offered .

The men that are scum today are the boys that were left to find their way without instructions on how to navigate life. They weren’t taught to express emotions, in fact they were taught the very opposite that ‘it is only feminine to be emotional’, no body insisted on them acting responsibly, no body insisted on them having some manners for every thing they did was only “natural for boys”.

They were taught Power, they were taught to be men that should lead the way , they weren’t taught to learn or serve. All you have to do is grow up knowing you have the responsibility to start a family you will lead, protect and provide for .

But the world has evolved ,women have decided to stand , they have demanded for the full rights they deserve, they have demanded for their respect, they have demanded to live without being a subordinate.

A man that the society refers to as scum today is a man that is irresponsible, a man willing to trample on emotions, a man that can’t bear not being the head in the midst of women , a man that feels more entitled to rights than a woman , a man that marginalizes women to show his superiority, a man who believes he owes no woman respect, loyalty or effort, a man that is intimidated by the success of a woman , a man that doesn’t care about how a woman feels as far as his desires are met. Sometimes it is to their fellow men . Scum men that are men are who think the world revolves around them.

How to create better men

Fine man

Creating better men is a process that begins with grooming boys . This starts with the society giving as much attention as they give the girls to the boys . Teach them to communicate too, teach them how to express , teach them that they ought to serve before being leaders , teach them to apologize, let them know how to speak to people ( above , below or the same level as they are). Let them know it is ok not to get it right at the first try, teach that girls are not to be seen as weak or their subordinate but just as human as they are , let them know being male is not having more rights , let them know morals and etiquettes are not just for the ladies . Only proper guidance can make proper men

You would ask, how about those that are grown? Full blown men with dirty attitude? Although they say it is easier to bend a fresh fish than a dried one but in this case , it is possible through the process of unlearning.

Unlearning is not as easy as learning but it is very possible. Those attitudes a lot of people complain about, those ones you constantly find your self arguing about to be right just because your father did them. It is time to get rid of them. It is time to expand your mind and emotional quotient, surround yours with positive people, books and materials. It is time to learn to make corrections, it is time to understand that is not always right, it is time to realize that in as much as you’re the head, the opinion of others matter. It is time to reduce that sense of entitlement. It is time to embrace growth.

If this little can be done, it will not only yield better men but also better fathers, better children and a better society.

I am so excited for a generation of fathers that can freely say I love you to their spouse and kids without feeling like their ancestors must be mad at them for expressing emotions.

Although this is dedicated to men , we know there are some women who are scum themselves. If you feel attacked my this post just know it is ok to pick one to two tips you could apply.

Do you want a post like this dedicated to the women? Women that are ‘scum’ too?Please feel free to share your opinions with me in the comment box. I love to read them! Also like and share ❤️. Do not ignore my last posts if you haven’t read them☺️💕

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