These are the languages/ gestures people understand as love


Love language is basically how you understand love, i.e , how you love to give and receive love. While your love language might no mean much to another, these gestures are interpreted by your brain as love. It is shows that the action of loving is different for everyone.

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Who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed and tears of sweet affection shed? My mother. When pain and sickness made me cry, who gazed upon my heavy eyes,and wept for fear that I should die? My mother. Who taught my infant lips to pray…

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Toxic friends

Are toxic friends a thing? I’m usually not one to talk about fake friends, toxic friends, frienemies and all that . I just thought it wasn’t my thing , I mean I haven’t experienced it yet , I’m almost too anti social to ever experience it self, so I thought.…

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Bringing up Toxic Femininity!

yes yes yes yes yes yes toxic femininity exists! Toxic femininity is a subject that has been pushed under the rug for so long . It is barely ever discussed, some are even ignorant of its existence or have merely failed to acknowledge it. Far less media or academic attention…

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How to create better men
How to make a better man

How to create better men

Men Are Scum? The phrase ‘ men are scum’ has become so popular, it is alarming . Does this mean there are no good men out there? No, absolutely not . They are tons of good men are there,why do women end up with the ‘scum’ ones? ones you may…

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Rape culture: why victims don’t speak up

This pandemic/global lock down period has been many things and one is it been a time of revolution. Beyond the increase in death rate ,a lot of things have been brought to light with enough time to tackle this cases and Rape is one of them . With everyone at…

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Why are men applauded for having basic survival skills?

Men are applauded for what?

Awwwwww! He cooks?!😍like what’s awwwww now? I have never heard anyone say “ awwwww! She can on the generator!”. Why don’t you say awwww! He can bathe himself? Just like a man should know how to shower and clean himself up and everybody sees it as normal, his possession of other survival skills should be seen as normal.

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