why do you think that people who move with successful people are always termed Successful?

Have you ever felt like the person whose Shoulders brushed yours on your way out is Someone you know?

Judging from these questions, It sounds like I want to rush into motivational Speech, well Nope!

We are just going to learn.

 Now,  Association can be said to be the mental connection of things. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

One of the major ways our minds remain active is by linking things and thoughts together,  for example, I say Lion and you think brave, courage or Royalty.  This is because your mind has linked those words together. And so, you think of one and remember the other Simultaneously.

You heard a voice coming from across the road. Not like anything metaphysical but you just felt like that was your Sister and you instinctively look at that person. Now I’m going to show you how it works.  They are called the Principles of association


  • Association by Congruity.

It is the principle that ideas and experiences are linked when one is frequently seen or experienced with the other.  For example, if I constantly see thunder and lightning together in a sentence.  My mind unconsciously associates both of them. They become linked. So the next time I see just thunder alone I think of lightning too.

This is actually the root of conditioning . Conditioning is basically reinforcing the strength of a behaviour so that it becomes a pattern. So Congruity builds up conditioning.

  • Association by Similarity.

This focuses on two things that are not exactly the same but can be used interchangeably. My mind happens to associate two things that are similar to each other,  simply because they are similar. Interesting isn’t it?  This explains why whenever you think of resting the next thing that unfailingly  comes to mind is sleeping .

  •  Association by Contrast.

 This can be seen as linking a situation or a word with its opposite. This is why mind training is extremely important. Wrong thoughts are allowed as a result of the law of contrast. I’m interested in a contest. I have not even applied for it and the next thing that sneaks into my Head is “what if I fail ?”

We ought to always seek to see the positive side of things.  While conditioning in this case can prove to be a default setting for some people.  It is paramount that the mind is trained deliberately

In Conclusion,  Association has got a lot to do with the mindset.  Why did I say that?

These principles take us through a process of learning, unlearning and relearning. For instance ” I’m thinking about making the best grades in school this session or making the greatest sales this year”.

The next thought I see coming is “do you even think that’s possible?” kind of thought , but I have already made provisions for these thoughts so there’s a counter- thought back up plan if I do not want to be associated with being rude. I should learn to speak kind words.

If I need to be successful and make good progress, I should learn to move around Successful  people who are making progress the way I love. It is called Wise Association.


Igbokwe Daberechi goes by the pen name -Dabby. She is a writer, voice over artist and a student engineer.

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