6 Easy Ways To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

6 Easy Ways To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

happy new year! welcome to 2021

Before I start anything , I would have to say Happy new year! 2020 has been a wild and crazy ride . It is literally a year that would never be forgotten in the history of mankind. I read a twitter post that said, “after all of this craziness I better be featured in the next bible” , and I could relate to that person in every way! If you are reading this , it means you made it! Congratulations!

Due to the way 2020 turned out , a lot of people have been on a low vibe. I hear people say “don’t hype 2021 oh , it was hype that killed 2020. Although 2020 didn’t go as planned or as imagined , it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make positive manifestations and have plans for the new year! Personally, I have it all planned and as your internet buddy , I have decided to share some tips I intend to use to achieve my new year’s resolutions.

Stay put.

New year's resolutions

New year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change undesired traits or behaviors ,accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life at the start of the year. New year’s resolution has been a thing for me from the beginning of my time , even as a child , I practiced it without knowing what it fully implied.

I remember back then in Sunday school, my Sunday school teachers would always ask us to write our new year’s resolutions on a sheet of paper and submit it to them ( this was a way to hold us accountable). I always complied of course, I would write down every thing I wanted for the next year but believe me, the time of submission is usually the beginning of my loss of focus and by the time I got home I would have forgotten almost everything.

As I got older, my focus started lasting for a week or two at max before I went back to the ‘normal’ pattern I have always followed. I know you can relate. I have gotten better over time and will share with you 6 easy ways to achieve your new year’s resolutions .

6 easy ways to achieve your new year's resolutions

Here are 6 Ways to achieve your new year’s resolutions

  1. Reflex on lessons from the past year. Every year comes with different experiences and lessons. Deep reflections help you make the right plans and know the right approaches for execution . Old things are passed away but not lessons, you must not make the same mistakes from the past year , it makes absolutely no sense.

2. Make a detailed plan. Don’t just say “I will do this”, how about how ? and when? Making sure your plans are well detailed makes it easier to navigate and execute.

3. Write your plans down. Have you ever gone shopping without a list? Ok , Yes. What happens? You either forget to get one or two things or end up buying things that are in most cases totally unnecessary. This is exactly what happens when you think you have all your plans in your head and see no reason to write them out . You loose focus . Writing your plans out motivates you, holds you accountable and helps you track your progress.

4. Be realistic . I am not saying do not dare to dream but be realistic . Growth/ progress comes in small steps, skipping crucial steps would most likely do you no good . If you have never been able to save 10,000, I see no reason why you should aim for 1,000,000 ( unless a miracle happens). Setting unrealistic goals will only make you feel like a failure when you are unable to achieve them. Please note, Being realistic doesn’t mean settling for less or not trying to get better.

5.Get an Accountability partner . Yes, writing plans down holds you accountable but it might not when you have lost all hope and motivation and at the verge of giving up. But a friend can , your counsellor can or just any one you can trust to be able to put you back on track when you are loosing it.

6. Reward Yourself . Place a reward in front of every goal, could be a trip , a meal or anything you would like . Gifting/ rewarding yourself when you hit a target motivates you to do more. Do not neglect the small wins, people have the habit of overlooking small achievements they have in favor of bigger ones . Don’t do it. Always applaud and appreciation yourself.

I hope with this few tips you will be able to achieve your new year’s resolutions and even exceed your expectations. Thank you for reading , I hope you enjoyed? I enjoyed writing this. Please share and subscribe! Again, Happy new year! and congratulations on the successful achievements of your New year’s resolutions.

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