10 things that make me really happy

10 things that make me really happy

10 things that really make me happy

My roommate and I decided to try the Coffee and lemon trend for flat tummy . Starting this by 4:17am so it is safe to say my body didn’t take it with a smile . Anyway, I stumbled on a 30-day writing challenge and I’ve decided to take part . Day1- Write about ten things that make you really happy . Challenge starts October 7, 2021. I hope I make it to day 30 (fingers crossed)

Ten things that make me really happy

  1. Life . My life isn’t the best , far from it but I’m super grateful for life . I went from a depressing state of wondering why I was still alive everyday to been super happy every morning I wake up . I feel like it is the new peace I’ve found , it is heavenly . This kind of peace is the fruit of the Holy Spirit . In the midst of chaos , I feel this unexplainable lightness . It is the peace in my life that makes me appreciate my life.

2. Music . I’m sorry but if you don’t like music you’re a psychopath!! There is nothing as therapeutic as music . Is it weird that I do not have a favorite genre? I just vibe with whatever my soul needs in that moment. The right music at the right moment makes me the happiest person because how did this song know?!? Who wrote this song? I lovveee you right now!

3. Friends. Good friends. Good friends equals good company . Good company equals better life . I really appreciate my friends. I’m actually more of a loner but knowing I have people I could call when I need them is so comforting. Friends for different occasions? Therapeutic. Like how do I hide my anxiety from the world without friends? When I say I’m a loner , I mean I really like staying inside, enjoying my own company but when I’m outside? Need me my cheerleaders and lifeline please.

4. Family . No matter how far or annoying they are, they are a reminder that I didn’t fall out of nowhere. Knowing I can always fall back to family 80% of the time makes life a bit more easier . I prefer a long distance relationship, don’t get me wrong , I love them but not in my space . Gracias . Family just brings solace . Thank for family.

5. My phone . Talk about the ultimate best friend ! I love my darling just as much as I love my self , if not more . Alexander Graham Bell and co. I want to use this opportunity to God bless you !!! Others that created apps for my phone , you’re not left out, God bless you too . My phone is literally my other half, like I said , ultimate best friend. She makes me happy .

6. Cooking and eating good food . Not much of a foodie but I like good food. Staring at it is enough to make me happy , the ability to make it makes me happier . That food dance is the purest form of Joy and sweat when the food is hot and spicy is the sweetest sweat .

7. Love and connection. Been in love and been able to connect to a person’s mind? Arrgghhh! Be it Agape or Philia love , it just makes my heart feel healthy and warm . Then if there is a mental connection, what’s remaining? Nothing !
The feeling of been loved and been in love makes me happy . Especially when kids love you , like who am I ? Love it!

8. Road trips . The road . A car. The wind. Loud music . Food. The person you like . Heartfelt conversation. Life is set . If I tell somebody I prefer to travel by road now , they’d say it is poverty but they don’t understand. If what I mentioned about isn’t part of the package I’d pass please . I’m not talking boring bus trips.

9. Thinking about my bright future . I don’t want to use words like fantasizing or dream because they’d make it seem like I’m not sure my future is bright . Thoughts of my future makes me so happy because my imaginations are so vivid . It is only me and God that knows about the things that run through me head . I think it is my ability to think about this and hold valid conversations with my self that make me enjoy my company for as long as I want .

10. Helping . It is not like I’m hardworking or something, in fact , I don’t like stress at all . But if I have the ability to alleviate stress or make a person happy , I use it without passing chances . It is exciting to know your small effort meant a lot to someone and really made their day .

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    I can totally relate with the music part ….music has everything good in it …I loved this piece


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